Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What if this was your child?

#Bring back our Boys

These three boys were abducted on their way home from school by Hamas terrorists. Three innocent children, in the clutches of merciless terrorists, while their parents spend sleepless nights worrying about them! And the world is silent. What if this was your child??

Eyal is the eldest of 7 siblings. He chose to complete his last year of high school in a city with a low socio-economic status, through a program targeted at developing such towns. His family describes him as a vital, energetic, sports-loving boy. He is a youth counselor, loving to travel and play tennis. While Gilad Shalit was in captivity, kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist organization, Eyal made sure to send Facebook messages to raise awareness, to the fact that Gilad had not seen his parents for 5 years, and spent all that time fearing tomorrow in the clutches of terrorists.

Gilad, 16 years old, is very close to his siblings. He loves to read, listen to music, study hard and spend time with his grandparents. He volunteers to help others, is a youth counselor, and works with children. He is much loved by his peers and teachers. He always helps around the house and loves to bake. His sisters are hoping he comes back home again, to bake a new cake or muffin like he always does

Naftali, 16 years old, is an American citizen. He is the second eldest of 7 children. He loves to play basketball and plays the guitar. Naftali is a responsible and poised young boy. He is a gifted student, with a talent for school and academia. Naftali was on his way home from school – and was kidnapped by the Hamas terror organization before he could reach his family. This has nothing to do with politics: This could easily be your child. Don’t stay indifferent – Help us fight terror and bring our boys back 

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