Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Islamisation of UK & Africa?

I recently attended a talk by  Baroness Cox from the House of Lords in the UK . Her insight into what is happening in the UK and Africa was quite startling. One has to wonder just when the world is going to wake up.

She began by stating that Britain is suffering from an onslaught on its values and consequently has lost its soul.The contributory factors leading up to this are

a)       The Hedonism and “Flower Power” of the 60’s
b)       The Marxist/Leninist influences in education in the 70’s and 80’s

Cox was employed as a lecturer at, what was, the Polytechnic of North London where the majority of the lecturers followed the ideology of Marx and Lenin. She was threatened if she continued to lecture without having the “content” of her lecture approved.

The situation today claims Cox is that many feel there is nothing worth defending and consequently this vacuum is being filled by ideologists.

Jihad is taking place in Britain on 5 fronts:-
-           Political
-           Cultural
-           Economic
-           Demographic
-           Legal


Attempts are constantly being made to restrict freedom of speech by not allowing any criticism of Islam or allowing promotion of other faiths, banning jokes about Islam and making these criminal offences punishable by up to 6 years in jail.

One bill going through parliament was defeated by just a single vote and this shows the real danger to democracy.


Massive investment is taking place on campuses via Saudi and Qatari money in faculties of theology.

School heads are being put under tremendous pressure and threats if they are considered to be “anti Islamic”. Many have resigned and have been replaced by pro Islamists. This is on-going.


Although illegal according to UK law, polygamy is accepted in order to “avoid upsetting the immigrants”.


Elements of Sharia law have become accepted in many aspects of life in the UK, although the UK legal concept of “one law for all” is flouted.

Muslim arbitration tribunals and Sharia councils (today 80 of these exist around the country) have been set up making decisions which are totally against the existing UK laws on the statute book.

Decisions on matters of inheritance, divorce, bigamy and rape are totally against the values set out in UK law.

Intimidation is rife to avoid women turning to the British courts with threats of violence backed up with the ultimate sanction of death threats.

To counter this legal challenge, a private members bill is currently going through Parliament entitled “Arbitration and Mediation Services Equality Bill” which it is hoped will meet this challenge.


Cox has a lot of personal experience in Africa through her Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART) and spends several months a year in many different locations.
She states that Islam is working tirelessly to expand in throughout Africa. In Uganda there are a lot of economic pressures and it is openly stated that via polygamy Islam will take over the country.

In Sudan the war and intimidation of Christians to convert to Islam is backed by the country’s leadership. In many areas healthcare is only available to those who are prepared to convert.
Jihad via slavery of the Christians is rampant.

In South Sudan, Libya and Saudi Arabia are pouring money into the Islamisation of the country and again much humanitarian aid is conditional on the religion of the sick.

Cox stated emphatically that if South Sudan falls, Islam will run rampant all the way to Capetown,

Another country that must be protected is Nigeria since failure to do so would result in the Islamisation of the whole of east Africa.

In conclusion, she stressed “I can’t do everything but I must not do nothing”

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Barry Shaw said...

As you know, I was also at that lecture.
While wholeheartedly supporting Baroness Cox's revelations and efforts she was unable to answer my question whether the deplorable situation in the Uk is down to her fellow Parliamentarians, both in the Commons and Lords, who have failed britain with their appalling awful immigration policy and their ineptitude in ensuring that immigrants accept the norms of what was a glorious Britain until they allowed it to be swamped by an underclass that includes many who want to change britain into their image, rather than the other way round.
Barry Shaw,