Monday, May 14, 2012

Profiles of Trafficking - MASHAV, Haifa

Poverty and lack of economic opportunity cause women and children to become potential victims of human trafficking, through traders connected to international crime rings ( They are more vulnerable to false opportunities for employment in other countries and many women who receive proposals of work from apparently legitimate sources find themselves in situations where their documents are destroyed and their families endangered. And while women and children are especially at risk of sex trafficking, human trafficking is not limited to sexual exploitation alone; it also includes trade within marriage, in sweat-shops, on agricultural plantations and in domestic service.

A Workshop on “Profiles of Trafficking: Patterns, Populations & Policies” is taking place at the Golda Meir Mount Carmel Training Center (MCTC), (MASHAV) in Haifa, in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Justice, the American Embassy in Tel Aviv, UNODC, OSCE & TAIEX.

The program includes lectures, workshops and study tours on the topics of different populations of victims of trafficking, different patterns of trafficking in humans and preventive policies. The activity will provide a platform for exchange of experiences and ideas about different methodologies used around the world.

In addition, one day of the Workshop will be devoted to a Seminar on The Relationship between Government and Non Governmental Organizations, with the participation of experts from Israel and abroad to which I have been invited..

The Workshop objectives are:

• To analyze problems in the law and in public policy, as they relate to trafficking in humans

• To widen the participants’ knowledge and experience on trauma and rehabilitation of victims, studying selected texts on the topic

• To establish a human network to foster cross-border cooperation between Israel and countries of origin and destination, aiming to achieve concrete cooperation and to learn from experience in the joint struggle against trafficking in humans

• To exchange experiences and ideas from countries of origin and destination, Israel and the US.

• To become acquainted with a variety of programs in Israel about trauma, specifically rehabilitation of trafficking victims.

Yet another amazing conference organised by MASHAV

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