Monday, April 16, 2012

‘It All Started When an Israeli Officer Hit Back’

After so many incidents in which Palestinian propaganda has managed to rearrange the narrative so that the Israeli side appears to be the aggressor, an ISM (International Solidarity Movement) video has gone viral showing an IDF officer hittiing a protester in the face with his gun.

Let's be clear, this is wrong, whatever the circumstances, but how would you react if someone had just broken two of your fingers. Of course, this part of the narrative is ignored. Once again, videos have been edited to whitewash the protesters, many of whom are overseas provocoteurs trying make problems for the State of Israel

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nfinke; said...

How do you react? If the "You" is a trained member of the security forces You" keep control of yourself and behave according to the standards and norms of the Israeli armed forces. You avoid at all costs descending to the level of the norms of the crowd you are tasked with controlling.

Haifa Diarist said...

As I said, the action was WRONG, however look at how the British, French and Danish police use their batons when dispersing a crowd and no-one complains.

Yet another instance of one standard for Israel and another for the rest of the world