Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is This Really Apartheid?

Some interesting questions were posed by friends of mine recently in the debate of Israel as an apartheid state.

How, we wonder can Israel possibly be called an Apartheid Country?

a)If this is true, then why, when we needed some medication from the pharmacy in our upmarket Jerusalem shopping mall this week, was the charming and helpful pharmacist who served us and gave us some excellent advice, an Arab?

b) Why, the last time Nxxx had his eyes tested, (in the opticians in the same mall) was the optometrist a young Arab woman?

c) Why are there always a large number of Arabs shopping in said mall? Why, when Lxxx fell last year and needed emergency treatment at Sha’arei Zedek hospital in Jerusalem, was the doctor who examined her an Arab

d) and why, out of the 9 people queueing for X-rays was she only non-Arab?

e) Why is the professor that Lxxx sees every year for a breast-check an Arab who, incidentally, pioneered the liver-transplant programme in Israel.

If someone can explain this to us we would be very pleased to hear from them!


Anonymous said...

Simply,there is no equal rights, there is no citizen for arab, that are citizens. Fundamental laws are only for Jews, land is only for jews, and so on

Haifa Diarist said...

These comments are typical of someone who doesn't know the true facts about Israel and merely repeat what they have been told.

I invite you to come to Haifa and see the total integration of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Bahai, Druze, Achmadi and others all with EQUAL rights