Monday, April 11, 2011

Lots of good News Stories from Israel (Part 1)

Lots of Good News stories emanationg from Israel this week with thanks to Michael and Lynette Ordman for the compilation

Israeli aid team in Japan. Some clips of the IDF providing assistance in the devastated country.

Israeli & Iranian teams work together in Japan. Shhh! Don’t let Mahmoud Ahmadinejad know this.,7340,L-4051865,00.html

Israeli exoskeleton launches in UK. ReWalk allows paraplegics to stand and walk up stairs.

Europe approves Israeli treatment. Only last month Brainsway’s trials of its magnetic cortex stimulation treatment for Parkinson’s were successful. This week it received EU CE Mark certification to market it.

Vegan alternative for medical testing. An Israeli company, CollPlant, has found a way to replace animal sources for the production of collagen, a major bio-material used in the medical device industry.

Treatment for overweight diabetics. MetaCure’s gastric stimulation system is designed to help type II diabetes patients lower their blood glucose and control their eating habits and body weight.

Solving hunger – bigger, healthier seeds. Israeli agricultural research company, Kalima, is developing high-quality crops without using genetic engineering.

Stents for the brain. Israel was a pioneer of the medical stent for unblocking arteries around the heart. Now ITGI Medical has successfully completed studies of its brain stents that could save millions of lives.

Israeli biotech booms. Four new life-science companies have launched in the first 3 months of 2011 (more than the whole of 2010) and several more are planned for the first half of the year. The 21 winners of the Bio Convention Contest for Life Sciences Companies shows how Israel is at the forefront of medical innovation.

How a medical start-up grows. SMT has developed a filter to protect the brain from clots during minimally invasive procedures. Its chances for success have just been boosted by $10.5 million of funding.

Israel Good Deeds Day. 130,000 Israelis volunteered to help in hundreds of projects around the country. Some examples are pictured here.,7340,L-4052131,00.html

ZAKA expands International Rescue Unit. The Israel-based, UN-recognized volunteer rescue and recovery organization will recruit and train teams of volunteers worldwide to act as emergency medical first responders.

Watch your donation light-up African lives. Israeli solar technology company SolarEdge Technologies and Jewish Heart for Africa show on-line how sponsors are lighting up schools, clinics and orphanages in Africa.

Israel-Korea Chamber of Commerce inaugurated. The Korean delegation of coalition and opposition MPs announced South Korea’s goal to advance commercial and economic relations with Israel.,7340,L-4051027,00.html

Demand for high-tech Israeli workers. On average each job seeker can choose between at least 3 offers.

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