Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lynching Attempt on the High Seas

I received this letter from an eye witness to the attempted lynching and hostage taking of an Israeli who was part of the operation.

O.K. So Hamas (Turkish Branch) comes up with a brilliant idea. 'We send 5 ships loaded with 'humanitarian aid' from Turkey and sail right in to Gaza, ignoring the Israeli Navy and their orders to dock in Ashdod...' Turkey recently elected a Conservative Pro-Shariah Law Government which has become more and more anti-Israel during the past year, when once we had extraordinary relations with them. Over 60% of Israeli Tourism was to Turkey (very cheap and great holidays) Now Israelis have been warned to cancell Turkish trips and get out of Turkey.

After four days of Media Frenzy, the boats arrive off Israel's coast.

They are stopped. Israeli boats and helicopters surround them. The Israelis then make their first and tactical error. They hover over the first two ships, drop commandoes onto the first one and that goes quietly, then drop onto the second boat. Now remember, they were unarmed. No rifles. Only batons and a pistol stuck in the back belt is all.

As the second wave of 9 Israelis landed on the second boat, each one was surrounded by five of six Hamas terrorists and beaten severely with iron crowbars. Three were stabbed and one was hit in the face with an iron pellet from a catapult.They were all down and being slaughtered when the second wave dropped in over them, opening fire immediately with their weapons that this time they took with them, killing 9 Hamas immediately and arresting all those on deck wearing face masks, battle gear and carrying cold steel weapons.

Nine Israelis are in hospital, three of them on the 'critical list.' All badly hurt by 'Peace Activists' bringing Humanitarian Aid to Gaza.On the deck of that boat there were 50 crowbars, 20 knives, 4 catapults and 5 automatic pistols. Someone needs to explain to me why Peace Activists need to wear flak jackets and face masks and have all those cold steel peace equipment..?

The boats were all boarded peacefully and turned around to dock in Ashdod. There everyone was disembarked. Palestinians were sent back to Gaza. Foreigners were either flown back to Turkey or boarded a vessel for Turkey, which was standing by in Ashdod Port. All the Hamas Fighters on board the 2nd boat were arrested, There were clear video shots of what happened on the 2nd boat deck, so everyone still alive who participated in the violence is now in jail.

Everyone has 20-20 Hindsight. As for me, I would have gone on board with Tasser shock guns and water canons.

The Israeli High Command fell for Hamas's propaganda. They really thought 'Peace Activists' and be careful, otherwise it will be 'Israeli Atrocities' all over the Media. When the 3rd wave dropped down and saved the solders being beaten to death with iron bars, killing nine of them, THAT is what appeared on every news station in Europe. Turkey called for an Emergency Meeting of the Security Council. The U.K.. Germany, Spain and Turkey all condemened Israel as War Criminals. Turkey has withdrawn its Ambassedor.

There's still one boat out there somewhere. It had engine trouble. It should arrive tomorrow. This time we know what to expect.

***** Bottom line, Hamas want pressure brought to bear in Israel to open the Gaza Border to free traffic for everyone, but NOT recognise Israel. They know fully well that if they can get that, they can restart the waves of suicide bombings and terror again. Well SCREW 'EM if they can't take a joke. No-one's starving in Gaza. No-one needs 'humaitarian aid.' They need employment and to be able to earn a living. Hamas makes sure that won't happen. We are now very comfortable with the fact that there's relative peace here, no 5,000 rockets coming over for 5 years on the trot, no stabbings or suicide bombings in bus stations and supermarkets every day. Peace and quiet.

It's tough on the people of Gaza. Sorry about that. I'd rather it was that way than Hamas' formula for a better future (for whom ?)

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