Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Israelis Commando's View of the Flotilla Operation

These thoughts were received from one of the commandos who took part in the operation to stop the flotilla of boats from the FreeGaza movement. These are his thoughts.

Why on Earth we didn't demand an urgent meeting of the Security Council first I'll never know?

Turkey vowed that the shipments were inspected and pronounced safe. They vowed that there would only be Peace Activists on board the flotilla. So where did the 50 trained terrorists come from..?

Was it the Tooth Fairy who placed the crowbars, pick-axe handles, commando knives, flak jackets, gas masks, night vision goggles, catapults and axes aboard..?

Why did Israel bow to Turkish pressure and return ALL the dead bodies to Turkey, when it was clear they had in their hands three dead Al Qaidia members from Yemen and the rest were from other Arab countries.

We should have withdrawn OUR Ambassador, not wait until Turkey withdrew her's. Yet Turkey blandly announced yesterday, 'All Israel has to do is open up the Gaza Blockade and we promise a return to good relations again..!'

Yeah, Right..! Good relations..? (And pigs will fly)

The Turks have enjoyed over 600,000 Israelis holidaying in Turkey every year. Multiply six hundred thousand by, say $2,000 dollars per family unit and you'll understand why Turkey wants it's cake and eat it.

Sadly, they've recently elected a Fundamentalist Shariah Government and are edging into the Iran-al Quaida Camp and the Turkish army is getting very antsy about that.

Since Kamal Attaturk in the early 1900's, the Army has had a history of crushing Muslim Extremism in Turkey and the time is ripe for them to do that again, as the government well knows; and they too are really antsy about their health...and they get a reminder every single waking moment, cos they don't read Arab script in Turkey.

Attaturk made sure of that and converted Turkish into European script...... Anyway, from all of us in the IDF, thanks for your support. We need all the help we can get.


Anonymous said...

we did not call a security council meetign because we don't trust the UN.
but I do think we should organize a flotilla to turkey to demand Kurdish independence and restitution for the Armenians.

Alan Share said...

Londoners, remind the world that when Hitler was sending V1 doodlebugs and V2 Rockets against you, Churchill was sending 1,000 bomber raids over Germany. It was WAR. There must have been not scores but thousands of German civilian dead and wounded, but Germans voted for Hitler and he wanted to conquer Europe. That was the price that they paid.Churchill would have given short shrift to anyone suggesting an enquiry as to legality of the bombing.

And, after Dresden, UK last country in world to point finger at Israel.

A humanitarian blockade is sugar and water compared with the blood and thunder of World War II.

How naive Liberal politicians can be at times!

mvassist said...

Politicians, no matter what "colors" they wear, are neither naive nor ill-informed. They simply are greedy and willing to capture as many votes as they can to get always elected. Outside the US, the number of Jewish votes are outset by zillions coming from other interest groups and denominations. Why would they support Israel? The Palestinian cause is much more appealing to their constituents. The same could be said about the media. They sell more newspapers (and advertising) to non-Jews, period. This is why Israel will never win the international PR war.