Monday, May 17, 2010

"If Music Be the Food of Love"

Thus spoke Duke Orsino in Shalespeare's "Twelfth Night". And, if this is true, then the efforts of the Jerusalem Music Center in general and the family of my good friend who died some 11 years ago, will surely bring love not war to this region.

We attended, what was for us, a unique evening at the Jerusalem Music Center (JMC) for the launch of a sponsored program aimed at the development of young musicians.

The JMC is situated in one of Jerusalem’s most picturesque corners, see photograph, in the first Jewish neighborhood established outside the walls of the old city.

The Center has the mission of nurturing young musicians from the whole spectrum of Israeli society. It provides opportunities for Israeli music students to meet and learn from internationally renowned artists.

The special evening to which we were invited was to launch the David Goldman program for outstanding young musicians in conjunction with the Jerusalm foundation. As close friends of the Goldman family from our life in the UK, it was an emotional evening as it was attended by the late David's widow and her children and grandchildren.

The family have supported young musicians also in the UK but here in Jerusalem, these young talented people have a unique opportunity in a unique setting.

We were treated to performances by a number of quartets during the evening and were able to mingle with the students for coffee and cake at the end of the evening.

A prime aim of the center is also to develop co-existence and it seems this aim is succeeding. Let's hope that "the food of love" takes the place of hatred and jealously and helps to build a better future for all.

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