Friday, April 3, 2009

Leo Baeck Haifa and the UN

The Leo Baeck school in Haifa is once again in the forefront of preparing its pupils for the future

The Lokey International Center for Jewish Education was transformed into the United Nations for a day in March when 100 senior high school students, under the guidance of Young Ambassadors, participants in the International Model UN, decided to establish their own Leo Baeck prototype - L M U N .

Dressed for the occasion and s t r i c t l y observing the rules of protocol, 4 committees addressed key issues - the Environment, Disarmament, Territorial Disputes and Human Rights. “Being part of the International Model UN inspired us,” said one ambassador.

Following on from this the school together with 14 other schools on 5 continents are working together to create a global culture of human rights, and an international network of young empowered leaders! The Leo Baeck Junior High School, with a multicultural student body of 720, is proud to have been chosen to represent Israel in Amnesty International School’s for Human Rights Programme and to work together with other nations of the world to build a better and more caring civil society.

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Z Tobias said...

I recently attended a Model United Nation's Conference for 6th form students across England (a few teams even came from Germany and Romania) and the experience was extremely worthwhile. It's such a great way to develop leadership and public speaking skills in young people - I definitely met some future politicians! The conference was thought-provoking and great fun.

I met a few people from the Leo Baeck school in Haifa over the summer on an Israel Tour and it sounds great that they too got a taste of MUN.

At the conference I represented Mali so unfortunately couldn't have an input in 'The Question of Palestine' issue discussed in the Security Council meetings but maybe next year my school will get allocated Israel!