Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Insanity at the UN conference

Following the conclusion of the Iranian President’s speech, members of the World Union of Jewish Students, human rights groups, Students Against Racism, Prof. Alan Dershowitz , Nobel Laureate Ellie Wiesel, and American actor John Voight held a second silent protest outside of Ahmadinejad’s press conference, while others read aloud the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In a move of comic tradegy,UN officials approached the group telling them “you cannot read that here”.

An Iranian group began heckling the protest with cries of “end the Holocaust in Gaza”. The group protsting Ahmadinejad responded with a chant, “no to racism, yes to human rights”.

This resulted in those protesting Ahmadinejad’s racism having their United Nations accreditation removed for the remainder of the conference,whilst security staff entirely ignored the antics of the Iranians responsible for the provocation.

Both Alan Dershowitz and Ellie Wiesel sought access to the press conference and were denied, the former having lost his accrediation to the conference according to some reports. That evening a moving Holocaust memorial ceremony was addressed by Wiesel, Irwin Cotler, and church leaders.

The world has really gone mad!!!

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