Sunday, February 22, 2009

Further Gazan Testimonies

Following on from the previus blog, the testimonies of Gazans as described in a BBC Panorama program show the dilemma of the population at large in Gaza in relation to the Hamas terror organisation.

On thje programme, in other interviews in the Tel Al-Awa district of Gaza, invaded by the land incursion of Israel, there are people who were taken hostage twice. "Call me Naji, which means survivor, because if you write my real name they*ll kill me" begs the Palestinian householder. "The Hamas men arrived at night to sleep under the stairs. First in uniform, then in plain clothes and with concealed weapons. We tried to bolt the door, but there was nothing to be done. The entire building was used as a shield by the militiamen and could be bombed at any moment."

When the men of Hamas won the elections in the Gaza Strip, Naji was pleased of the change, but now he hates them. "They launch rockets without any military result other than self destruction" says the survivor. "They do it to get money from their Iranian and Syrian sponsors." When the Israelis arrived, the "resistance" fighters in the district had disappeared. To find them the soldiers entered the building. Together with the other men of the condominium, the Palestinian was held prisoner for a day and a night. "I was taken hostage twice in the same war", sighs Naji. "And the Hamas men have even threatened to settle the score at the end of hostilities, because I protested".

In other cases, the thugs of the Izzedine al-Qassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, did not limit themselves to threats. Osama Atalla was 40 years old and his youngest daughter, Iman, had been born five days earlier. He was killed on January 28, 11 days after the cease-fire. Atalla was an elementary school teacher and an activist of al-Fatah, the party of the moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, better known as Abu Mazen. "He openly criticized Hamas, but never wielded a weapon against them" claims Mohammed Atalla, a relative of the victim.

The murderers came to his home to apprehend him with two off-road vehicles full of armed people. With masked faces they showed membership cards of the Palestinian internal security. "Just a few routine questions. We'll bring him back within half an hour " they told the family. The elementary school teacher was tortured for a whole night. Then they killed him, shooting him point-blank in the hip, just before leaving him dying in front of the Shifa hospital.

And this is the terror organisation that Europeans are planning to talk to. Do they really think that they are prepared to change their charter. Not a hope! When will Europeans just try to understand this culture?

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