Monday, August 4, 2008

The "Terrible" Treatment of Sick Palestinians from Gaza

Sick Palestinians 'asked to spy' - so reads a BBC report following on from a report by Physicians for Human Rights. The Non Governmental Organisation claims it has documented around 30 cases of treatment being denied to Palestininas from Gaza because the patients refused to become "informants".

Now forgive me for being sceptical but as with many newspaper reporters, the comments of Palestinians are accepted at face value without any checking of the validity of such statements.

1) Everyone coming into Israel through any entry point is questioned automatically, especially when there is a high risk of them being part of a terror organisation. Wouldn't Hamas love to get some of their terrorists into Israel?

2) there have been cases were so-called "sick" patients were caught trying to get into Israel to comitt terror attacks.

3) every day between 20 -50 cases are documented of Palestinians being allowed into Israel for medical treatment.

4) even the Fatah terrorists from Gaza being hounded to death in Gaza have been allowed into Israel for medical treatment Of the 188 Fatah members who entered Israel, 35 were sent back to Gaza on Sunday at the request of Abbas, who had initially asked Israel to treat the wounded and only facilitate the transfer to the West Bank of five members of the Hilles clan, including its leader Ahmed Hilles.

Yes, it is easy to make statements that "fit" an organisation's agenda but of the information that is reported , where do we see confirmation from an independant source?

According to all opinion polls, the Palestinians still favour violence and resistance. Are we to ignore this and not to question those that want to come into Israel?

Oh, and as a postscript. Where are the comments on the total and absolute closure of the Rafah crossing into Egypt? Why can't the sick be treated by their Egyptian "brothers"? Now there's a thought!!

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