Thursday, July 31, 2008

Haifa Fueling Israel's Transition from Agriculture to Hi-Tech

It has now been announced that the city of Haifa together with a non profit organisation "A Computer for Every Child" is distributing 120 computers to the homes of immigrant Ethiopian children. the computers will be installed shortly after the children and their parents undergo training courses in how to use them. this is part of the on-going action progfram to help absorb and strengthen this community in Haifa.

There seems to be an amazing potential in these children and in order to further help in their studies, a group of Anglos, many former teachers of English, are devoting their time to assist Ethiopian kids in attaining levels of English to allow them to go on to University

A recent visitor to the Haifa Technion reported that "this location has fueled Israel's transition from agriculture to hi-tech. The economy is booming and optimism permeates the air. "

He goes on to report that "Haifa which is a mix of Route 22 near Boston with Silicon Valley, a large touch of San Diego's biotech labs, and you get a feel for Haifa is. Combine the wellspring of brainpower, the determination of the Technion's faculty and students and the huge investment of capital from around the world, and you get a location in which every major corporation searching for tomorrow has a building, a lab and a staff.

Do you want to look into the future? Look no further than the labs and classrooms of the Technion. We witnessed time-lapse photography through electron microscopes that disclosed the secrets of cancer cells mutating; patches allowing the regeneration of bone tissue; nano robots that cruise through the body delivering medication; computerized face-recognition programs that can pick a terrorist out of a crowd; embryonic stem cells morphed into a biological patch to fix a diseased heart; and the list goes on and on. "

This investment in educating for the future must ultimately strengthen the country and its potential in the future. Surely, our Palestinian neighbors should learn from this and educate their children for peace not jihad.

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