Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gaza and the "Cease Fire"

Will it or won't it? That is the question on most people's mind this morning when the cease fire as Westeners call it or "Period of Calm" as Hamas calls it. goes into effect.

There is no doubt as history has shown that such periods as this have been entered into because Israel has found ways and means of making the Hamas and its henchman suffer. There is no doubt in my mind that just as UN resolution 1701 has been a total failure in Lebanon since Hizbollah has been able to rearm while the UN peace keeping force stood idly by, so Hamas will be using the time for the next round at some time in the future. When will we ever learn?

Meanwhile it seems that both Hamas and Fatah seems pleased by the Israel Airforce killing of members of the Dighmush clan on Tuesday. All the dead belong to the Army of Islam and Islamic Jihad and the Jerusalem Post reports that "sources in the Gaza Strip expressed relief over the killings" as they were considered "one of the biggest thugs" in the Strip.

This group was reported to be responsible for the abduction of Gilad schalit and also BBC's Alan Johnstone. are the BBC pleased at what we did - unlikely. Was it even reported on the BBC - not to my knowledge at this point in time!!

While talking about the BBC, a recent program looks at Gaza, a year after the coup that ousted Fatah.

Muhammed Huasanain, Fatah supporter says "since Hamas took over, has been a very difficult time for me and my family". "Fatah people have got no voice and no power here in Gaza under Hamas control". "On personal issues, if you go to any ministry which is controlled by Hamas, they want to make things difficult for Fatah supporters. " "If Hamas control continues for the next year, there will just be more misery for people here."

Misbah Harbi Shalha, father complains that "in any normal situation, children would have the right to play outside in security. " His daughter was killed when Hamas forces were training, on a hill close to our home. "In the 1990s, things used to be good. We had a proper legal system. At the moment, we have no law and order. I wish I lived in a place where there were courts, and the law, to deal with these crimes. "

Whether today's period of calm will result in anything positive for the long for the Palestinians in the Strip remains to be seen but as long as there is the desire "to eliminate the zionist entity", then the Palestinians will continue to suffer under the control of Hamas that has not got out of the mindset of terrorism and into the mode of State building.

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