Monday, May 12, 2008

Reflections on a Birthday

So there it is – gone. After all the razz-a-matazz, all the planning (good and bad), all the security concerns, the tons of meat and chickens barbequed, we now settle back into a routine. Yes there is the Presidents conference to come this week, the guest list impressive. It seems the Swiss are put out by not being invited. Well, if they feel it unjustified, maybe they should consider what their business deals with Iran are going to cause for Europe in general and Israel in particular.

The routine we are returning to also involves helping others and one of the first aid crews to enter Myanmar after the cyclone was, yes, you guessed it, the Israeli team. Talking to the Israeli media,,7340,L-3541463,00.html Josh Krieger of the Latet organization reported of the difficult sights and the great damage caused by the storm, as well as of the difficulties posed by the authorities.

"You see a chaos which is only now being treated. Trees on the roads, destructed houses, roofless houses, water and fuel shortages," he said.

Krieger is one of the only volunteers who managed to enter Myanmar, after the ruling junta refused to allow aid teams to enter its territory. Many international aid crews, including United Nations organizations, have been waiting In Thailand for days in hopes of receiving an approval to enter the country.

Meanwhile Hamas is desperately trying to generate sympathy for the “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza

Gaza officials said Saturday that they switched off all three turbines that had been generating electricity for hundreds of thousands of Gazans. Energy official Kaanan Obeid said Israel hadn't provided enough diesel to run the power plant. Ninety percent of Gaza City was plunged in darkness Saturday night, Obeid said.

Whilst true that Israel didn't deliver as much fuel as planned to Gaza last week because Palestinian terrorists attacked the crossing used to deliver it, it is also reported that Hamas is taking supplies for itself. Now I wonder what for? Surely not the rockets and mortars?

And finally, looking at the overseas media and the programs on the BBC reporting on the birthday, all I can say is that in general, the anti Israel feelings and deligitimisation of the State are very healthy and surviving on the incessant use of incorrect and distorted information, but then what’s new?

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