Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quranet - A bridge between the Islamic world and the West

The Israeli Presidential Conference held recently to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel a project called Quranet was shown- an educational tool which reveals the beauty of the Quran and its respect for human dignity. This is a website in which every person in the world can find a Quranic answer to his/her educational questions.

A report form the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains that Quranet transforms the Quran into a unique and useful educational tool for parents and teachers, and thereby renders the beneficial power of the Quran widely accessible.

Quranet interweaves the Quran, in unprecedented fashion, with modern educational approach, thereby helping the Islamic world and the West to understand each other.

Quranet reveals the beauty of the Quran and its respect for human dignity, thereby providing a resounding response to warped exploitation of the Quran for the justification of terror.

Since many issues are common to Islamic and Western culture, we aspire to develop Quranet into a social network in various languages, and create communities with shared interests, thus establishing a bidirectional bridge between the two cultures.

How does Quranet work?
The user selects a particular issue from the list of contents, and receives the relevant Quran verse. He or she can then study a brief description of an everyday event, illustrating how the verse can be utilized to convey a message to the child. The session concludes with a brief educational-psychological explanation of the process.

The material has been developed in Hebrew by a group of Bedouin students of education and their lecturer. With an introduction by three distinguished sheikhs, it was recently published in book form by Ben Gurion University Publishing House.

See how Quranet works in the presentation

What happens when we repay evil with good? ... the one who used to be your enemy may become your best friend (Sura Fussilat, Ayat 34)


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I've seen articles talk about this and the demo..but is there an actual link to the site yet?

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Suggest you try
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