Sunday, April 6, 2008

Honouring Life not Death

A letter I received from a friend working at a hospital in the north expressess very succinctly the difference between the efforts to build a State in accordance with the Israeli model of honouring life, whilst the Palsestinians, who honour death are not doing anything to build a State in spite of the millions of dollars being donated.

My friend writes "Israel is on a journey that began with a vision of Abraham, passed through the slave camps of Egypt, survived Nazi ovens and continues today in the land where it all began.

The paradoxes of life in modern Israel are as abundant as the multi-colored poppies that blanket the Jezre’el Valley fields after late winter rains. Here in our Medical Center in Northeastern Israel, we are surrounded by both flowers and enemies. We hear daily reports of how Hezbollah and Syria (armed and nourished by Iran) are once again threatening our lives and way of life, while we continue to heal those who step through our doors. “Israel seeks peace while preparing for war” is a slogan often heard. Our center does not seek peace – we live it.

After the long range missile bombardment of 2006, we are busy fortifying the facilities. Not as an act of war, but as an act of self preservation and humanity. While some of our neighbors are busy seeking ways to kill Jews, we are busy investing huge sums so that we may be somewhat protected while we heal others.

Despite the tangible threats vilifying the Middle Eastern atmosphere, Israel and ouir medical center thrive among the flowers. Every hour you may witness a Jew saving an Arab and vice versa, or wonder at the research being performed that will benefit all mankind, or listen to the sounds of construction while distant voices scream destruction. What is the center's answer to violence and the senseless premeditated taking of lives? 4,500 births each year and the planning of new Labor, Deliver & Recovery Suites that will serve all our region’s women.

While Islamic fanatics glorify death, we, in particular, and Israel, in general, sanctify life. What greater respect could we show to our Creator than by striving to heal all children and their families?

Our Medical Center is a creation of Israel and a luminous, vibrant house of healing that exemplifies the best of humanity. We have a long way to go as we accompany our people along this arduous path.

The road ahead is fraught with danger … and strewn with flowers."

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