Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Current quotes (not from years ago)

a) “The PLO... has not changed its platform even one iota... to drive them [Jews] out of all of Palestine," - PLO ambassador to Lebanon told NBN TV in an interview

b) Muslims would soon overtake "Rome", which he charged had "planted the brothers of apes and pigs in Palestine in order to prevent the reawakening of Islam.” - Hamas MP

c) "In light of the weakness of the Arab nation and the lack of values, and in light of the American control over the world, the PLO proceeds through phases, without changing its strategy. Let me tell you, when the ideology of Israel collapses, and we take, at least, Jerusalem, the Israeli ideology will collapse in its entirety, and we will begin to progress with our own ideology, Allah willing, and drive them out of all of Palestine," - Abbas Zaki, the PLO ambassador in Beirut.

d) "The capital [Rome] of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital, which has declared its hostility to Islam, and which has planted the brothers of apes and pigs in Palestine in order to prevent the reawakening of Islam... is just like Constantinople," - Hamas parliamentarian Yunis al-Astal told worshipers in a televised sermon

e) “Rome will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests which will spread through Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe." - Yunis al-Astal

f) "I believe that our children or our grandchildren will inherit our jihad and our sacrifices, and Allah willing, the commanders of the conquest will come from among them. Today, we instill these good tidings in their souls, and by means of the mosques and the Koran books, and the history of our prophet, his companions, and the great leaders, we prepare them for the mission of saving humanity from the hellfire on the brink of which they stand," - Yunis al-Astal

Do we really understand the words that are used? And we closing our eyes and ears to what is going on around us? Are we not crazy to negotiate?

We have “peace treaties” with Jordan and Egypt at governmental level but certainly not with the man in the street. The average Palestinian man in the street, according to opinion polls, doesn’t seem to accept any type of peace with Israel and is for the continuation of violence but then with constant incitement via the media and through official channels, should we expect anything else?

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