Monday, March 17, 2008

Beating about the Bush and Purim

We are really going round and round in circles on the Palestinian issue. One report says we didn’t do this or that, another says the Palestinians didn’t do this or that. And so we continue on the merry go round and beating round the bush. (no pun intended)

There is, however, one issue that never ever seems to get raised. Since the Oslo accords of 1993, the Israeli public at large has come round to the view that a two-state solution is the way to get out of the mess we are in. Compare that with the Palestinian view. There is more radicalization and a greater unwillingness to even accept Israel’s right to exist. The television, the mosques, the schools and universities are all questioning Israel’s legitimacy.

As written in an editorial this week “almost no Palestinian will accept that the Jewish people have any national or historical rights to a State alongside Palestine”. Thus there is this gargantuan gap preventing peace.

Abbas, touted as the moderate claims to have accepted Israel’s right to exist, yet to his constituency of Palestinians, he constantly talks about the “right of return” which is tantamount to an indirect way of causing Israel‘s destruction.

If peace is to be given a chance, Abbas must tell his people via the television, the mosques, the schools and universities that Israel has a right to exist.

Meantime in Israel itself, the population is gearing up for Purim, the festival in which we read the Book of Ester and how Haman tried in those times to get rid of the Jews. (come to think of it, I ought to send a copy of the Book of Ester to Ahmadinejad – perhaps he might start to think about what is in store for him!)

The shops are full of fancy dress costumes; the children get dressed up and stroll around the streets. Here is a photo of our twin granddaughters in their Queen Ester costumes.

Here in Haifa, there will be a costume festival on Friday, the day of Purim itself, on the Louis Promenade with a full range of entertainment options, a circus, musicians, inflatable games, jugglers, magicians and acrobats all performing for the residents and visitors.

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