Sunday, February 10, 2008

More and More Kassams

I make no bones about it. Why try to write something new when from the front line in the Negev, a letter expresses one's sentiments exactly. The following is from a letter I received from a contact at a Kibbutz on the Gaza border in the south. As he says "..before anyone criticizes me for how I feel,please don't,until you have been in my shoes and the shoes of the people of Sedrot".

'What was up until now is nothing compared to what will be,' Popular Resistance Committees threatens after claiming responsibility for Friday's rocket barrages towards Israel's south. Israelis should run for the sake of their children's safety, says terror group. More than 20 Qassams have been launched towards Israeli communities since daybreak, causing no injuries but damaging property

Friday evening when Jews are celebrating Shabbat,all over the world,we in Israel are getting hit with Rockets, 20 of them on Friday. This is how one family had their Shabbat shattered

"I am sick and tired of Israel being blamed for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza,and being told that we are using collective punishment on the people of innocent people in Gaza,but where is the call for the humanitarian crisis and collective punishment on the people of Sedrot and my Kibbutz and others living under the threat of rockets,you only hear silence on that,but to my suggestion on what to do. Like I said,I thought I would never say this but here goes:

For every Kassams or mortar that falls in Israel and does damage,Israel should go in and destroy one city block in Gaza,and the heck with our image,my people come first and if they day after day are trying to kill us,then why should I care how they feel.

Yes after reading what I wrote,I still don't believe I would think that way,but that is how I feel today.

I can not forget these innocent people in Gaza,celebrated the terror attack that killed a women and seriously hurt her husband by passing our sweets in the street, now where they get all those sweets when I hear they are starving.

Talking about food and them starving and having no electricity and no Electric power in the hospitals,well that is a lie on their part. Like I wrote in one letter they have electricity,they are being cut 5% not 100% food is coming in daily that I can see with my own eyes and I have others who see this with me,to confirm what I am saying. Their hospital power was not shut off,Hammas just cut them off and shift the blame on Israel. I also ask,why when they complain of starving,why do they have enough weapons coming in,why can they not bring food in the same places they are smuggling these weapons in,oh by the way,why can they not get help from Egypt,they share a border with them,and if Egypt wants all the food they want can come in to Gaza from Egypt."

Any other comment is, I feel, unnecessary

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