Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Back to Normal

When I started making notes for this blog, I was looking at the snow that came and went in Jerusalem, at the rains and storm that came and went in Haifa plus of course the Winograd report that also seems to have come and gone.

Life seemed to have returned to normal. The cafes were full of people; the beach scene in Haifa was just as though nothing had happened, the Winograd debate in the Knesset came and went; it was business as usual and then yesterday – BOOM – another suicide bombing, the first for a year.

There is no doubt that Hamas had many motives for breaking down the wall separating Gaza from Egypt and many press pundits have filled column inches galore with their views.

One objective is now quite clear and that was to use the porous border between Egypt and Israel to allow terrorists to gain access to targets inside Israel. And what targets are aimed at? Again, it is civilians, the young, the old, it doesn’t matter to Hamas. If that is not against all international conventions, what is? And will the United Nations condemn the attack in a resolution? – not likely.

If Hamas really wanted a “State” for the Palestinians, why are money and goods channeled to the terror network at the expense of improving the lifestyle of the citizens?

From 1967 – 1991, the start of the first intifada, Israel built for the Palestinians, 6 universities, 20 community colleges, 166 health clinics, hospitals, electrical and water infrastructure, etc., etc. Just how much of the vast sums of money being donated to the Palestinian authority in the next few years is going to be used for building a state?

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