Monday, February 13, 2017

UK Funding for Anti-Israel NGOs

I wonder if British taxpayers really know where their taxes are going. And I further wonder what the UK reaction would be if Israeli money was being used to support Scottish indepence or other objectives not in line with U government policy.

Millions of shekels are provided by the UK government to a number of highly politicized NGOs - some of the funding is directly granted by government agencies, and other amounts are channelled indirectly by humanitarian aid groups, ostensibly for humanitarian purposes.

For example, Breaking the Silence has been receiving funds originating with the British government, via aid organizations, as follows (information taken from submissions to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits):
Prof. Gerald Steinberg, President of NGO Monitor who gathered this information from public sources, , commented: "For many years, the UK, like other European governments, has streamed money to groups that polarize Israeli society, and for campaigns exploiting false allegations of 'war crimes'. The UK has recently been scandalized by such incendiary claims against its own soldiers, and British leaders will understand that funding similar NGO campaigns against Israelis is immoral." 

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