Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Women's Day, Arab Style

I believe we take for granted, the rights of women here in Israel. They are in all walks of life professionally, socially, in government, in the judiciary and so on.

We are use to reading about the oppression of woment in Arab countries, so it came as a pleasant surprise to read an artcle in the United arab emirates paper Al-Ithad the article below.

May we see this initiative expand to other countries in our region

Al-Itihad, UAE, August 29

This week marks a unique celebration in our country: the Emirati Women’s Day. This holiday is unique not only in the region, but also in the entire world, setting an example of how other countries should celebrate the role played by women in their society.

Emirati women enjoy rights equal to those of men, and have equal opportunities for personal and professional development and growth. They serve in all public positions that exist in our country – from the Supreme Court, through the armed forces, to trade and businesses. Women have even created and launched a new ministry in our country, the Ministry of Happiness and Tolerance, which works to promote greater tolerance and respect among our people each and every day.

Moreover, the empowerment of our women is not merely limited to government positions. In private businesses, in education, in arts, and in entertainment, women pave the way for the rest of the country. In this regard, we cannot forget Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi – the Mother of all Sheikhs – a pioneer of women’s rights, who founded numerous women’s organizations and launched national campaigns for girls’ education.

To illustrate how long we have come in our 45 years of existence, it is enough to look at the recent graduating class of the National Service. Just days ago, Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed attended the graduation ceremony of the new officers. Among the graduates were both his daughter and his granddaughter, setting an example for women throughout our country.

Emirati women can do anything they want, and they are truly celebrated and praised. Today, two thirds of government workers are women. Two thirds of university graduates are women. One third of cabinet members are women. Hence, it comes as no surprise that we devote a day each year to the celebration not only of our fathers and families, but also of our courageous and pioneering women.

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