Thursday, May 26, 2016

Major attempt to smuggle contraband to Gaza foiled

An attempt to smuggle a large consignment of pipes for the production of mortars and dozens of electric motors for use in the Hamas underground tunnel system in the Gaza Strip has been foiled.

The security personnel from the Defense Ministry Crossings Authority and the ISA stopped a large consignment of goods suspected of being intended for Hamas terrorist elements in Gaza at the Tarqumiya Crossing near Hebron in the last few days.

The cargo was concealed in a supposedly innocent supply of textiles and jewelry. It included hundreds of 4 inch metal tubes, with special drill fittings used to manufacture mortars and rockets and dozens of electric motors used in various fortification tasks, including the construction of Hamas' underground tunnel network.

The consignment was intended for Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing. The shipment was confiscated and an investigation has been launched to find those involved in the smuggling.

And are we allowed to defend ourselves when, it seems, inevitably Hamas is determined to make war and not peace. Just tell that to the attendees at the conference initiated by the French to discuss "peace" initiatives in the coming days.

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