Wednesday, April 13, 2016

!20,00 Palestinians treated in Israeli hospitals

For Israel ‪#‎WorldHealthDay‬ is every day.
Health coordination is a daily activity within ‪#‎COGAT‬, (Coordinator of government activities in the territories) whether it be across Judea & Samaria or the ‪#‎Gaza‬ Strip.
Last year, 120,000 Palestinians received medical treatment in Israeli hospitals for both acute and chronic health conditions. This is another example of the efforts of our health coordinators to assist in the development of the ‪#‎Palestinian‬ public health system.


Dave Alpern said...

Quite honestly, I'm glad that there have been no comments about this. My humble opinion is that all this Israeli medical care for "Palestinians" is totally stupid, asinine and with an over-the-shoulder look toward "world opinion." It is a wholly forced, false and phony humanitarianism that earns Israel absolutely no points or credit from the "enlightened international community." The sooner we stop this ridiculous nonsense the better!

Tragically, however, we apparently can't help ourselves and can't stop it because of our "ghetto mentality" that keeps desperately hoping for love from the "goyim."

sarah goodman said...

Dave Alpern said it all. Just have to agree with every word.

Anonymous said...

This is all made more valid by the recent attempt by a Muslim woman who had been treated, and her life saved in an Israeli hospital. She returned a while later dressed with a suicide belt to kill those who had saved her??? BUT Israelis and Jews will help those who hate them and this is the right thing to do as surrendering to hate is not an answer. We cannot lower ourselves to the same level of barbarity that is the way of Islam. Hate will breed more hate.