Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Israel Tests Tunnel Detection

Since the feature of tunnel warfare erupted in the Gaza 2014 campaign, there has been much speculation on Israel's ability to counter this problem.

Now it is reported that Israel has overseen the development of a system that detect and destroy enemy tunnels.

The Israeli Defense Ministry has been working with the United States to develop a cross-border tunnel detection system. Israeli sources said the system, dubbed "Underground Iron Dome," underwent testing in 2016 near the border with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

"We are doing a lot, but many of the things we do are hidden from the public," Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot said.

The sources said the development of the system took more than a decade but was accelerated over the last two years. They said the Defense Ministry was working with Israeli companies to design seismic sensors that could identify digging.

 The sources said Israel spent more than $250 million since the project was launched in 2004. They said Washington has allocated $40 million in fiscal 2016 and could do the same over the subsequent two years.
 "We have dozens, if not a hundred, engineering vehicles on the Gaza border," Eisenkot said.

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