Monday, January 5, 2015

Settlers pelt U.S. diplomatic personnel in the West Bank (?)

Some “Jerusalem based US consulate personnel” were reportedly attacked by Israeli “settlers” throwing stones, during a visit by the Americans to the site of an alleged “settler attack” on the olive trees of a Palestinian Arab grower in the West Bank.

Last week’s altercation at the community of Adei Ad is raising questions as to what actually happened.
According to Settler sources, the Arabs from Turmus Aya brought US Consulate officials close to the entrance to Adei Ad and within the community’s security zone, which begins 50 meters from the community.
The settlers say the Arabs from Turmus Aya are fully aware that they are only allowed into the 50 meter security zone with IDF approval and coordination.
It is definitely known that US Consulate officials did not coordinate their visit with the IDF or Israeli authorities.
The settlers say the Arabs brought the US officials to that point as part of a provocation.
Adei Ad residents who initially saw the vehicles approaching assumed they were Arab vehicles that were seconds away from entering the outpost.
The residents came out and a verbal altercation began with the Arabs who were accompanying the US Consulate officials.
The Israelis claims that during the verbal altercation, two US Consulate security personnel got out of the car and pulled out weapons, specifically a pistol and an M-16 rifle.
If they pulled out guns as the residents of Adei Ad claim, the US personnel perhaps quickly realized their major diplomatic blunder.
At that point, everyone agrees, the US personnel got back into their cars, didn’t wait for the army to show up, and sped off.

As usual there is much more to this story than meets the eye. A posting at  gives a lot more perspective to the story than any journalist is prepared to invest his time understanding. Lots of pictures and a video.

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