Saturday, December 13, 2014

Haifa's 21st Festival of Festivals

Haifa is inviting visitors to enjoy theatrical and musical performances, part of a festival promoting coexistence and multiculturalism.

THE WRITING’S on the wall: Israel’s Broken Fingaz Crew will use its signature bold graffiti to liven up the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ exhibit in Haifa.. (photo credit:Courtesy)
For the past 21 years, thousands of visitors have been attending the annual December weekend Holiday of Holidays Festival in Haifa.
This festival, which falls on the crossroads of Hanukka, Id al-Adha and Christmas, has come to stand for coexistence and multiculturalism. The festival runs until December 27, when the city invites visitors to enjoy theatrical and musical performances, vendors and art exhibits.

The exclusive national antique fair is produced by the Haifa municipality together with Ethos (Haifa Culture, Arts and Sports Organization) and Beit Hagefen (Arab Jewish Center). The assorted art exhibitions and cultural events are situated in Wadi Nisnas, an Arab neighbourhood in the heart of the city, the German Colony and the Beit Hagefen Gallery and Theater.

This year’s main exhibition, “Wisdom of Crowds,” involves an outdoor art route whereby the public can interact with works ranging from photographs and installations to video and sound.

Classical concerts of Christian liturgical music will be played at Saint John’s Church by the Haifa Chamber Music Society. On December 13 at 3 p.m., the Arab-Jewish Orchestra is scheduled to give a free concert on the main stage of the festival. Under the direction of conductor Taiseer Elias, the orchestra mixes both Eastern and Western instruments. Alongside music from the classical Western canon, the orchestra is set to perform new music by Israeli Arab and Jewish conductors.

Also on offer are area tours and walks, free film screenings, Christmas tree decorations as well as the Santa Claus parade.

Festival hours are 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; admission is free.

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