Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Walk to Clear the Mind

Although theoretically a pensioner (?), sometimes, with the pressures of the amount of e-mails I try to read each day it is great to able to get out for a walk which helps to clear the mind.

In Haifa, the Dado beach promenade is often bustling with activity with swimmers, surfers, those exercising and other pastimes. 

During the winter months there can be days with little activity and the following photos are representative of the hardy individuals that frequent the beach irrespective of the weather.

A cafe that is typically full of patrons, on this cold day has
no-one ready to sit outside

The backgammon regulars are always present irrespective
of the weather
And if the weather is really bad, there is always a corner
where the open areas can be covered with cardboard
against the weather. 
There are always surprises as one progresses along the well trodden promenade but on a day like this, the exercise machines lay idle with no oversize individuals trying valiantly  to lose a kilo or two! No roller bladers practicing their intricate maneuvers through rows of bottles.

Even the cats have to be patient waiting for tidbits from the
rare number of brave souls prepared to sit outside, well
wrapped of course. 
However, there are always those hardy individuals who will barave all weather conditions.
No waves in  sight!!
Time to go home.

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