Wednesday, April 17, 2013

England goes Halal - March of Islam Continues

Statistics from Waltham Forest a Borough of London

How far has the march of halal progressed in English schools? An unsettling report shines light on one small corner of the country, the London borough of Waltham Forest: "A total of 46 schools and academies supported by the local authority order only halal meat from Waltham Forest Catering, their supplier. Just one school serves both halal and non-halal meat and 15 serve meat from animals slaughtered using 'standard' methods." Hence, three-quarters of the schools controlled by Waltham Forest Council feed students halal meat only. Also note that the borough is home to Larkswood Primary School, where parents recently protested plans to adopt a halal menu


We are rapidly approaching a time when it will be easier to list those British establishments that have not gone halal. Schools represent merely the tip of the Shari'a-compliant iceberg. From supermarkets and restaurants to hospitals and sports venues, many food providers serve halal items without bothering to inform the people eating them.

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