Sunday, October 28, 2012

How Robots Help Combat Soldiers

With one grandson in a combat unit, the following idea should help to make his life safer.

The EyeDrive is an all-terrain, all-weather surveillance robot specially designed for urban warfare, anti-terror and search-and-rescue missions. It doesn’t break. Ever.

The EyeDrive can simply be thrown into buildings or dropped from the height of three meters without any damage. Day-and-night cameras supply the operator with a real-time 360° field of vision that can even tilt and zoom. Its special Video Motion Detection software provides automatic alerts based on movement or sound. Amazingly enough, it weighs in at just under eight pounds — easily stowed in a suave suitcase.

If James Bond had it? No recon mission would be too hard, no evil lair would be too heavily guarded. With the EyeDrive on his side, bad guys everywhere should start shivering in their black leather seats.

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