Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ein Hod Revitalised after the Fire

With thanks to the Israeli Foreign Office for the video we can report that despite the 2010 Carmel fire that took its toll on the region, the Ein Hod oasis for artists is open and ready for visitors.

The 150 families who live in the Ein Hod artists colony in the Carmel Mountains are marking a year since the devastating Carmel Forest fire struck the whole region. But according to longtime Ein Hod resident and tour guide Dan Ben-Arye, the vibrant community of painters, sculptors, musicians, writers and stage performers is stronger than ever.

"Besides having 18 galleries and two museums, we have lots of workshops," says Ben-Arye. "You can come and work with the artists themselves, without any kind of background."

Since its establishment in 1953, Ein Hod has counted 10 Israel Prize winners among its ranks.

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