Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yet another slew of new products and services to humanity from Israel

Still saving children from Chernobyl. 25 years after the nuclear accident, Chabad is still bringing children suffering from the effects of radiation to begin new lives in Israel. 93 flights have rescued over 2700 children.

“Whoever saves a life, saves an entire world”. Interview with Bernard Bar-Natan, the Israeli inventor of the amazing new bandage that is now standard NATO issue and has already saved countless lives.

Four new anti-cancer proteins. Using “predictive biology” Israeli biotech Compugen has discovered protein several variants that generate antibodies to stimulate the immune system into targeting cancer cells.

New drug can treat incurable disease. Sufferers of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) die within 6-15 months, but latest trials of Israeli biotech Can-Fite’s drug CF-102 show it is effective on the virus.

Triple good news for diabetics. First, Israel’s D Medical unit received Canadian certification for its Spring universal infusion sets for insulin pumps. Canada has the 6th highest incidence of Type 1 child diabetes.

USA FDA approves infusion sets. The Food & Drugs Administration has also approved the Israeli device.

Israeli cell-based therapy to go global. MacroCure’s breakthrough product treats skin ulcers in the legs of diabetics. The treatment is only available in Israel currently but international trials will commence soon.

Israel solves “insoluble” problem. Some vital drugs do not dissolve and have to be administered intravenously, often with severe side effects. Now Hebrew Uni head scientist Simon Benita has invented “nano-capsules” which allow such treatments (e.g. anti-cancer drugs) to be taken orally.

Israeli medical robots set out for Europe. International healthcare & electronics giant Philips is to use remote precision robotic-assisted control solutions from Israel’s Corindus to treat obstructed coronary arteries.

Israeli shirts are good for you. A joint Israel-Portugal team has developed the Niturit – a T-shirt that monitors your heart and transmits data to a medical centre in real-time. It has been chosen by Europe’s Space Agency.

Indian governor praises Israel. The North Indian state of Haryana will adopt Israeli technology to process brackish water for agriculture. Haryana is one of India’s most important farming and industrial states.

Israel – the largest R&D country in Europe. Of the 40 members of the European inter-state body for Research and Development (EUREKA), Israel has the most approved projects (14 out of 89).

Cleaning up in Peru & soon the UK. Mapal’s sewage treatment was Good News in January. Now it has even more orders, thanks to Israeli funding and a unique oxygenation device that reduces maintenance costs by 80%.

Thought-controlled computers. Ben Gurion Uni students have developed innovative technology that could enable people (e.g. disabled) to operate a computer without using a keyboard or mouse – only their brainwaves.

Knowing your bees. Researchers at the Hebrew Uni have established a system for matching bees to their favourite flowers. The knowledge will improve crop fertilisation and expand food production.

Engineering a path to success. The Israeli charity Ort has launched a new program to allow outstanding, highly motivated yet underprivileged students to train as engineers at schools including here in Netanya.,7340,L-4010840,00.html

Arab and Jewish Israelis unite in Rap group. A unique item – good news from a BBC website.

Co-existence in Maternity Ward. Gaza woman and Israeli neighbour recover together with baby daughters.,7340,L-4051995,00.html

Save a Child’s Heart pilgrimage. Following heart surgery, Muslim and Christian children are taken on a visit to their holy sites in Jerusalem.

More Arabs join Israeli Defence Forces. There was a 200% increase in non-Jews joining the IDF. Muslim and Christian Arabs volunteer increasingly in order to improve their career prospects in the Start-up Nation.


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