Monday, August 2, 2010

And More!!!

If Israel fires a rocket at the weapons smuggling tunnels, it get widespread coverage in the media. I wonder how much of this report will make the world's media?

On Monday morning (Aug 2), explosions were reported in the southern port city of Eilat. No damage or injuries were reported but the explosions were heard throughout the popular resort city.

The Israel Army (IDF) and Israel Police are currently searching the area to assess the situation and examine the source of these explosions, and the Spokesman for the Israel Police has confirmed that the explosions were caused by rockets fired to the area.

A press release issued by the IDF Spokesperson moments after receiving initial reports of the explosions states that the IDF maintains ongoing contact with the Jordanian and Egyptian militaries. Jordanian press is reporting that a rocket landed in Aqaba, injuring several people, but those reports have not yet been confirmed by Israeli security sources.

While attacks to this area are rare, they are not unheard of. Earlier this year, on two separate occasions in April, three rockets were fired at the Eilat beach and an additional Katyusha rocket detonated in Aqaba.

Last Friday (July 30) a Grad rocker exploded in the city of Ashqelon, causing damage, and on Saturday (July 31) a Kassam rocket was fired towards the area of the Negev Regional Council. In response the Israeli Air Force targeted a weapons manufacturing facility and weapons smuggling tunnels in the Gaza Strip.

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