Thursday, April 1, 2010

Even Palestinian Journalist Can't Report What They See

Last week a delegation of journalists from the West Bank and Gaza met with Israeli journalists in order to try to build bridges. The atmosphere was very friendly but there were natural differences of opinion. The Palestinian journalists commented on their lack of freedom of movement particularly in Gaza and also significant censorship by Hamas.

Thus an initiative created some dialogue where there had been none in the past.

Within a few days of this meeting, the same Palestinian journalists have now been condemned as "collaborators". They now face expulsion from the Fatah controlled Palestinian Journalists Syndicate on charges of promoting normalisation with Israel. This syndicate is to meet in the coming days to discuss punitive measures against any journalist who defies the ban on normalisation. The incident has been defined as a "tragedy" .

And the Western media persists on quoting reports from such journalistic organisation in Gaza and the West Bank, perceiving them as the "truth".

A total lack of objectivity in reporting on the Middle East is propagating the Anti Israel feelings around the world and creating an even greater concensus within the country.


Sasha said...

It has being known for some time that Britain is not a Jewish nor Christian
anymore. It is a Moslem country by spirit
Sasha B.

Anonymous said...

And what do the international journalist associations have to say about this?