Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is the Haiti operation coming to a Close?

Today, Sunday (January 24), Israel will conduct a status assessment regarding the IDF's future activity in Haiti. The Israeli field hospital was established in order to provide a first response to the citizens of Haiti until the arrival of additional medical forces capable of dealing with the magnitude of the situation. With the presence of American airplanes which brought with them equipment to build another hospital in Haiti, along with additional medical centers which have opened in the disaster zone, the activities of the Israeli field hospital will come to a close.

However, IDF will remain in the country for as long as it is needed there and will provide assistance and support in various ways to the local population. The delegation has begun, as part of a broad international effort, to bring hundreds of thousands of Port-au-Prince residents to tent cities outside of the capital. Three water towers with a capacity of up to 12,000 liters of water each, were built by the delegation's representatives in order to supply the residents with a water infrastructure. Shelters and tents have also been constructed in order to provide refuge for those who have lost their homes. Israeli civil engineers also opened central traffic routes that had been blocked in the aftermath of the earthquake.

As of 23 January:
• 739 people have been treated in the hospital, among them dozens of children

• 241 life-saving operations have been performed
• 12 babies have been born in the hospital

In addition, help is being offered to other teams to help them be effective.
- The Colombian surgical team had the necessary equipment and asked to deploy next to Israel's hospital and to be part of the hospital.
- 20 British doctors and nurses asked to work with the Israelis. This is the same Britain that represents the so-called enlightened Europe, constantly criticising Israel.
- the Russian delegation asked for Israeli assistance to power medical equipment.

The team is giving full equality to all patients being treated. Haiti was a slave state and today there are terrible social gaps between the rich and the elite. In the present circumstances, this counts for nothing and the group of the poorest of the poor world are being treated the same as any other group.


Seth Lefkow said...

........And the Arab countries sent nothing? I find that quite believeable.

bazza said...

Not only did the Arab countries do nothing, they critcised Israels actions as cynical. At least Isreal got some good press for a change here in the UK.