Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Story that won’t be told in the World's Media

I received this story via a friend from someone called, let's just say Amy. Having witnessed the incident below, she felt it important to record the incident, because as she says "which media around the world would publish this story?"

I hope readers, you will pass this on in order to show the human face of Israel and Israelis. The accusations of Aparthteid are just so far from reality

Last weekend, I went with family to the beach in Caesarea. Caesarea is surrounded by Roman ruins and ancient aqueducts, plus beautiful scenery with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

On entering the beach we saw an ambulance and thought to ourselves, this spells bad news.

We went about our own business, swimming in the water, watching the fish swim by. Later as we went for a walk along the beach, we noticed a helicopter hovering above, the ambulance we had seen earlier was on the beach and boats with search lights were all around the area. It was already sunset.

Later we found out what had happened. A young man of 20 years old from an Arab village by Kfar Saba was drowning. He was swimming in an area with no lifeguards. There were warnings on the radio that on this day, it was dangerous for swimming. The young man’s father jumped in the water to try to save his and found himself drowning.

On the beach stood a man a little over 40 yrs old from Binyamina (my neighboring town). He serves in the Marines and knows how to swim well. Out of instinct he jumped in the Sea to save the two men, only to find his own life in danger..

Unfortunately there is no happy ending to this story, the sea can be very unforgiving, and the 3 men lost their lives out at sea.

This is just a little insight to an event that happens often in Israel. Jewish people saving Arabs lives and Arabs saving Jewish lives.

I just want you to know that we live in a very humane country although it is hard to see that from the World media. One cannot believe everything you see on TV, hear on the radio or read in the newspapers.

This is a true story but unfortunately it won’t be printed in any of the world’s media, so therefore I wanted to tell it.

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Hot Cover Girls Central said...

the story flows is not good, but reality behind it truly great, I thought Arab and Israeli are enemies but this story tells what really is between them. thanks for sharing this info. :)

-cathy young

Haifa Diarist said...

When I receive a letter such as the one in this blog, I do not edit it.

I figure that not everyone is a journalist (neither am I)but the letter is speaking from the heart