Thursday, September 18, 2008

Academics for Israel??

It is hard to understand how academics who are, in principle, supposed to deal in facts seem to be able to make sweeping statements that cannot be backed up with facts. In two cases in which I have been involved in “debates” with anti Israel members of the public in the UK, the discussions on water rights and human rights came to an end when, after 3 or 4 rounds of e-mails, I was accused of “not being prepared to debate the issues, I insist on quoting facts”!!!

Israel Academia Monitor, which through its website: reports on libelous articles, lectures and statements by a large number of Israel’s senior university lecturers and professors. For a full article see . Much of what is propagated by these supposed “experts”, is based on half-truths and apparent antipathy for their homeland. Some even have questionable affiliations with other elements hostile to the State of Israel.

Goebbels in World War II is often quoted as saying the “a lie continually repeated becomes the truth” It’s amazing that academics even exist, and more amazing that they are allowed to use their prestigious positions to hawk their nefarious wares. After all, Israel is the ongoing victim of the Big Big Lie, as no other nation has been. And few people in Israel or abroad should be able to recognize the lie as well as these academics. The Lie, promoted through countless media sources and the various United Nations agencies, is that Israel wantonly and forcibly usurped the lands of the hapless Arabs of Palestine, and compounds the felony by subjecting them to humiliating roadblocks, erects huge walls surrounding their towns and villages, imposes curfews, preventing them from receiving hospital treatment, and generally bombs them to smithereens every now and then. (What many people choose to ignore is that the roadblocks, security walls and curfews are what stopped the daily terror attacks against Israel between the years 2000 to 2004.)

Anyone who really knows what’s going on in the Middle East, understands that the grim impression that much of the world has of Israel is a based on half-truth, shrewd selective omission and outright lie. The reality is that tiny Israel, which has always had a Jewish presence, has needed from the outset, to contend with an ongoing Arab quest to plunder this land from the Jews, while staving off genocide. A generation ago, the Arabs weren’t bashful to spell out their intentions. This reality has been craftily been turned on its head by Israel’s many enemies, and most of the world has accepted the Big Lie.

Statements from one academic tells the world that Israel is an apartheid state (clearly he knows nothing about Apartheit) but the world laps it up. Another academic goes one better with: “Israel is a terrorist state worse than the Hamas” whilst one with masochistic disloyalty, called for a worldwide boycott of Israeli universities!

It’s hardly surprising, therefore, when a Hebrew University graduate student submitted a thesis in which she comments that the absence rape of Arab women by Israeli soldiers indicates that Jews are racists and oppressors, who do not even regard Arab women as sexually desirable. Even creditable norms, when evinced by Israel, is seen as bad in the eyes of these woefully misguided so-called intellectuals.

The whole subject of academic disloyalty against one’s own country is multifaceted. Most of these people were once very loyal citizens of Israel. Many were idealists, spending years setting up agricultural settlements on Israel’s borders or serving in elite combat units, often in command positions. This in itself presents a unique study in Israel’s history. But one day, their perfidy will be recorded in the history books for all time.

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jdamn13 said...

It's sad, but it's true. It's not just that the entire history of Israel is suppressed in academia to the extent that it is demonized and "Palestine" is legitimized (which is ridiculous, since the name 'Palestinian' is Latin for 'inbred, illiterate trash trespassing in Israel'), but those who actually know and want to teach the truth are effectively silenced. ANd it's not just ISrael. It's all the Tears of Jihad, which is amazing, since jihad is an ever-looming existential threat to us all. You never learn about the 270,000,000 people slaughtered in the name of Islam, about how North AFrica was once a Christian land and Central Asia a Buddhist land, let alone India's history or what happened to those millions of Assyrians and Armenians in Turkey, or that there ever was an Arab slave trade, let alone that the pervasive rape of African women was how Arabs as a race became dark-skinned, or that the slave trade had 5x the mortality rate of the ATlantic slave trade and that it lasted 900 years longer and only ended (officially anyway) in 1970 when Oman finally outlawed slavery, or that it continues in Sudan and Mauritania. You can take a course on WWII, but you never learn about who carried out the eastern end of the HOlocaust, or about how Bosnia killed off 90% of its Jews by early 1943. Nor do you learn about the horrors to which Muslim sex slaves (oops! I mean 'women and little girls') are subjected on a daily basis even in our own towns in Women's Studies courses.

I realize that for a lots of people the Tears of Jihad are simply too tragic to face. I think this is why Jews in particular tend to be ignorant about Jihad and the whole history of Judaism vs. Islam, but if they knew it they would be better armed in this world. They would also understand that Muslims have no legitimate claim to Jerusalem or Kashmir for that matter.

But academia's betrayal of Israel and the Jews is intolerable. Academia is a very hostile environment for Jews, at least in my school. It's far more difficult for us to be accepted in the first place, and then when Muslims stalk, accost, harass, and terrorize us every relevant university office condones their behavior. And there's of course a dearth of legitimate Jews in academia, which is not surprising given the way we are treated on campus. But the sickest part of it is that acadeima is littered with closet Muslims who pose as token Jews, most notably Bernard Lewis, the Master of Disinformation. You can get pretty far on that alone in academia, especially in Saudi Agenda departments. The Linguistics Department at Indiana University-Bloomington, where I attend school, is headed by one, who is so unable to contain his Islamic mindset that he can't take responsibility for his own actions, cannot speak to people except in taqiyya, and operates on the assumption that everyone is as illiterate and ignorant as your average Muslim, who of course lives under pervasive milieu control per the proscriptions of the cult. He then admits endless Egyptians to my department, one of whom is unarguable retarded, several of whom can't speak English, and all of whom lack the equivalent of a Guatemalan 1st-grade education. ANd then when you confront him about the obvious corruption of the admissions committee, the fact that my civil rights are endlessly violated in my required courses, and that we have to attend extra class sessions to make up for all the time wasted on idiotic questions by Egyptians who can't follow a simple lecture, he tries to instigate the most criminally insane Egyptian in the Department kill me by letting him know that I 'insulted his honor.'

I could have a career in academia if it weren't for all the damn academics or if I believed that academia's purpose were to educate people. It serves mostly to miseducate people as far as I can tell, and it's gotten a lot worse in the last 10 years, between when I started college and when I started grad school.