Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mohammed Al Dura tapes from France 2

Finally France 2 has produced some 18 mins of the tapes of the Mohammed Al Dura incident out of the 27 mins they pocess.

See the reactions of some of those present at the hearing in the video clip below
I don't think any further comment is nessary


Pamela Levene said...

Thanks for publishing this! Finally the truth is coming out. And I am proud to say, I have been saying it for ages - you can check out my blog to see!

But will the world declare the truth? Will anyone apologise to Israel? Will anyone take responsibility for the fact that this terrible lie caused the death and injury of many? Still breeds hatred to this day?

Sadly I somehow doubt it. If Israel HAD been guilty the headlines would have been enormous - but Palestinian guilt? hardly a whisper.

WHY WHY WHY does the world keep silent?

Pamela Levene said...

Oops -