Sunday, August 5, 2007

Humanitarian Aid is still getting through to Gaza

There are many misconceptions about the aid the Palestinians in Gaza are receiving. In spite of the many difficulties im[posed by Hamas, various crossing points are being used to get essential supplies into Gaza.
- The Erez Crossing: still operates keeping a low profile. It usually serves for the passage of individuals, and is used by Palestinian civilians and foreign nationals with special advance authorization (primarily for those given humanitarian consideration).
- The Karni Crossing: opens and closes periodically. The volume of merchandise passing through it has decreased significantly. Mostly grain passes through.
- The Nahal Oz Crossing: open. Fuel and gas pass through.
- The Sufa Crossing: open. The crossing continues as the main conduit for merchandise and foodstuffs into the Gaza Strip (2,847 trucks have passed though since Hamas took over the Gaza Strip).
- The Kerem Shalom Crossing: opens and closes periodically. Four hundred and twenty trucks have passed through since Hamas took over the Gaza Strip

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