Thursday, June 28, 2007

Humanitarian Aid to the Palestinians

I know this is not exactly in line with the purpose of this blog but with all the talk of a humanitarian disaster in Gaza, I have to wonder if the information I just received today of the amount of aid shipped into Gaza yesterday 27th June is publicised around the world. Thought it worth posting. Note particularly the last paragraph.

Despite the volatile security situation in the Gaza Strip, the IDF is continuing its efforts to provide a response to humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip.
Throughout the day the following humanitarian aid was transferred from Israel into Gaza through the Sufa crossing with the coordination of the Gaza District Coordination and Liaison Office:
· 581 tons of animal feed
· 319 tons of straw
· 327 tons of sugar
· 164 tons of flour
· 5 tons of semolina
· 143,000 liters of oil
· 134 tons of rice
· 27 tons of seedlings
· 32 tons of salt
· 30 tons of baby formula
· 24,000 liters of hypochlorite (a water purifier)

In addition, 24 trucks of humanitarian aid were transferred through the Kerem Shalom crossing. 50,000 vaccinations were transferred through the Erez crossing and 22 Palestinians were taken for medical treatment in Israeli hospitals.

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